An educated girl is an educated nation

During the School mid term break, Chaki foundation team visited Benedetta Rita, one of the students in our bursary program at Mutendea Secondary School Kitui County. Rita, who comes from a very humble background is one of the lucky girls who have won a four year full scholarship in our 2020 program. The main objective for this visit was to meet Rita, congratulate her for this award, encourage her to work hard in School, to remain focused & disciplined so as to achieve her future dreams, better herself in life, her family and that of the entire society. Chaki Foundation believes in offering the less privileged children an equal learning opportunity as this is the only sure way of eradicating a culture of generation poverty in our societies and thus improving the countries social, economic and political stability for the purpose of future sustainable development. An educated girl is an empowered nation. Say yes to GIRL CHILD by supporting our work via mpesa paybill 668506 account chaki or donate online via Every little penny counts.

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