Girls can be creative, let’s support them.

Children are really amazing, and will forever remain at heart. Girls from Iyathi Primary School, where we had supplied sanitary towels to the needy & the vulnerable have decided to work together during the long School closure period to collect polythene papers, recycle them & weave assorted shopping baskets for sale. A skill they say they learnt from their environmental lessons. With the proceeds of the sale, they can afford to buy sanitary towels while at home.

They have also send us a surprise package for sale so we can reach & help more other needy girls. With their initiative, they will not only solve the sanitary towels issues, but clean the environment as well by clearing polythene bags which is an environmental hazard. Kudos to the Girls, I can’t wait to meet their teachers once the Schools reopen. To purchase a shopping basket & help a girl get a sanitary towel, please contact 0728610840. To donate Ksh 100 for more sanitary towels, pls pay via MPESA PAYBILL 668506, ACCOUNT CHAKI.

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