Our Leadership

Judy Mwende

Judy is a huge believer of equal distribution of opportunities, especially those tackling gender and family matters within the society. Her inspiration comes from her late father, who believed in empowering young minds through education because it creates a better future with great ambitions. Through Chaki, she aims to upgrade school facilities and create better learning opportunities for both male and female students, as she provides them with social, mental, and emotional support. 

Lucia Muindi Ngumbau Mulwa

A teacher by profession, Lucia witnessed many cases of girls dropping out of school due to lack of fees, uniforms, and sanitary towels. Determined to keep the girls in school, she decided to personally support these students. However, the number of girls was higher compared to what she could afford to sustain. Her goal in Chaki is to give girls - especially those in the poor and marginalised regions - to receive the care and attention they require to improve their education, social life, and well-being.

Mary Kisinga

Mary’s inspiration for Chaki comes from her upbringing. She was brought up in a society that believed women were of less value in society, and that they should work towards being mothers, wives, and properties of men - nothing more. Exhausted by this narrative and driven by creating equal opportunities, Mary is focused on ensuring that girls have access to proper education and health, and render them equally capable of having a prosperous future.

Diana Kisinga

While growing up, Diana wanted to make a difference in the world we live in. She was disheartened by the societal inequalities, especially those driven by gender and financial constraints, that led to marginalisation of people. It is for this reason that Diana has immersed herself in Chaki’s work, striving to make the difference she once dreamt of as a young girl.

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