It is never too little

A year ago, we visited Kari Primary School in Kitui County. Before visiting the school, we knew that it was not well-off; we had an idea of what lacked in the school and what was needed to make it better. When we got there, the reality was worse than what we had imagined. Students were sitting on stones because they lacked desks; what they called a classroom block was a collection of trees that sometimes provided shade from the scorching sun; and all students shared a sorry structure for a toilet block. These were some of the things that stood out and drove us to make arrangements to positively change the face of the school.

From masonry to carpentry to transport of goods, we made these arrangements and got started on the school’s construction. While we aimed to put up a new classroom block, set up a new toilet structure, and have proper desks for the school, we also ended up creating job opportunities for those involved. It was great to see people come together for a cause that would impact not only the school but also the community around Kari.

We undertook this project when the school was closed to avoid disrupting the school’s learning routine. When Kari students returned to school, their faces said it all. After having sitting on stones for desks for a long time – some of the students had done this for a number of years – they could not believe that they had a new classroom block, new desks, and a toilet block underway. The reaction was similar to what we see in the movies when someone is opening a Christmas gift, or when someone gets the big breakthrough they have been waiting for.

Our work at Kari is not done yet. We still have the toilet block to complete and will undertake new projects with the school in the near future. To all our donors, we say thank you! Your contributions are never too little to make a great change. Head on to our Facebook page to revel in the gratitude that the Kari students had.

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